Read This Before Purchasing from a Headshop 

Have you made up your mind to buy your very first bong? With regards to making any important purchase, having enough knowledge about the product gives you power in making the best purchase for your hard earned money. For a smoking device that'll bring years of pleasure and happiness, the selection can be a bit picky and confusing as well.
So to avoid having a hard time making your purchase, you may as well want to consider the next points.
Simply because the car looks good, it doesn't mean that it's going to be awesome. Well, the same thing goes for bongs. Where you are going to use it, will you bring it when going on places, stay at home, would you have a dedicated space or has to be tucked away? Read more about head shops at Brothers With Glass. The portability, durability, concealment and size are all factors that ought to be your top priority when buying a bong.
Will it be tended carefully or are you a bit rough or clumsy on your things? Do you prefer simplicity or do you prepare to clean and maintain a multipart delicate instrument? Your skill and knowledge in maintaining this smoking device shouldn't be overwhelmed. Similarly, you mustn't buy a dainty device if you are guilty of being clumsy.
Well literally, there are thousands of bongs that you can buy today. Some are just a simple one-piece unit while others are packed with extra features. If you opt to buy a multipart bong, then make it a point that all pieces fit well together. Be sure that you know proper tools to use with it if needed. See Brothers With Glass for more info on head shops. You do not want your first bong to cause more work than play and for that, start with something that you know you can handle pretty well both in the region of cleaning and use.
What type of smoking experience are you after? Do you want hard and hot or smooth and cool? The best way of finding the answer to this question is smoke with your peers using their own piece and discover what your preferences are. After you do, you can eyeball the size of chamber and the features that will provide the ideal smoke you want.
Glass pieces work wonderfully. They look exciting, elaborate and clean. But glass is not just the only option. If you plan to take this new piece with you when travelling or want something forgiving, you may go with bongs that are made either of metal or plastic. Learn more from